EVENT – December 9th 2012

Condos Nun's Island

Evolo in Nuns Island

Nuns’ Island— BIG SALES EVENT DREW EVERYONE’S ATTENTION – “Waterfront living at its finest”.

Evolo2 is synonymous with excellence and quality. On December 9th 2012, DiamondDiamond Real Estate Inc. and Proment developer organized a year-end sale event promoting certain units located on mid and high level floors. This well-received promotion included gifts like home appliances and Apple’s cutting-edge digital product, the ipad mini. The event was very successful as the day was swarming with visitors and perspectives buyers.

Evolo2 is one of the most important projects in Nun’s Island. It is wisely located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River and surrounded by greenery. During the event, professional interior designers had conceptualized fancy show rooms with different themes. This enabled to grab the attention of diverse demographic groups like young entrepreneurs, families, seniors, etc. Visitors were particularly impressed with the projects outstanding facilities, breathtaking views, LEED certification and relaxing yet modern atmosphere. Diamond Diamond interviewed few clients and Mr. Zhang quotes: “I have been here many times and now I am ready to make a deal and buy a condo. I believe this is an excellent investment decision.” A pair of a very lovely retired couple said: “We both live on the island, Evolo1 and we adore the environment here. Being next to the water and overlooking the mountain is simply breathtaking and serene. We have decided to purchase another property for our daughter.”
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This specific year-end event, was particularly promoting models #06 & #08, which are both large 4 ½ units ranging from 1105 sq.ft to 1160 sq.ft. Overall, Evolo2 offers living spaces with an innovative design, many amenities like a gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzi, steam room and a spa just to name a few. It is a new way of experiencing modern life.

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